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Thank you for having such marvelous well organized estate sales.  The sale in Huntington Park was wonderful and you attract many followers due to your professionalism and knowledge of the items you are selling.  You do a stellar job and I for one think you are the best and your employees are also very professional.  Congratulations on the wonderful and successful sale I am very happy for you and look forward to your next sale and hopefully many more after the next one.


Keep up the good work.



Omaha, Nebraska




Dan is a consummate expert. We presented him with the most difficult and complicated project in his field and he immediately
This estate contained the accumulated possessions of three generations, of collectors. With care and concern, he cataloged, arranged, and liquidated. Every other firm referred us to Dan, and with good reason. He was the only one capable of delivering. Utilizing any
other company would be settling for less than the best. 

Integrity and sensitivity permeated every course of action, and during emotionally trying circumstances, this can only be said of
very few individuals. Here we made a friend.


Matt Andersen — Owner, SprayNow International

Omaha, Nebraska




Faced with the task of taking apart our parent’s home, an accumulation of three generations as well as all of the other the other normal household items we found our close family structure severely challenged.  Ultimately a sale of these belongings just wasn't the right avenue for us, and worse we found we could agree on absolutely nothing.  Dan provided good, sound advice and gave us the tools necessary to make everyone as happy as possible.  He established fair and reasonable valuations on countless family heirlooms as well the furnishings and household items; then provided several alternatives in how we could more fairly divide and disperse all of these things.  In addition he gave us great direction in what to do with all that was left at the end of the process.

Dan exhibited great compassion and empathy for our situation; in the end he truly helped us all realize that family was most important
in this difficult situation.  Thank you for doing what you do so well!

C. D. 
Omaha, Nebraska




We just want to write to express our appreciation for all the great things you and your team did for us before and after the estate sale you managed at our home.  One of our biggest concerns about downsizing was how to go about pairing down our acquisitions after many years in one place.


The advice and counsel you provided was invaluable and made our transition so much easier.  Everyone at Hidden Treasures was very thoughtful and efficient, always keeping our concerns as your top priority.


From your educated appraisals to your personal regard for the life-long attachments we had to our belongings, we couldn't have been happier to have you and your team handling all aspects of the sale.


Knowledgeable, trustworthy, respectful, understanding and extremely professional are just a few of the many positive words that describe the overall experience anyone can expect when they deal with Hidden Treasures.


The is no doubt, that we will always treasure our experience.


John and Cate Hildenbiddle
Omaha, Nebraska