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Equitable Distribution

Our Equitable Distribution Services are tailored to your specific needs depending upon your situation—from several items to a whole household…we can evaluate and assign values to the items allowing you to divide the property more evenly. 

Depending upon your wishes and needs, values can be assigned using the “fair market” approach (the value assigned is that the items would be priced or net in the local or regional secondary market).


Sometimes in the case of antiques and collectibles, “book value” (the optimum value assigned by research utilizing price guides indicating more a retail or shop pricing) can be utilized.


Such services can be utilized in estate property divisions as well as in the case of divorce or separations, where the ultimate goal is to have property divided in the most “equitable” manner.


We offer a free consultation allowing us to determine how best to accommodate your needs.  For services beyond this consultation our fees are based on an hourly rate determined by the extent of your needs as well as the scope of the project;  please understand that no fees can be quoted until we have the opportunity to visit with you and evaluate
your individual situation, with some cases a “flat fee” can be assigned for the project.


In some special situations we might suggest alternative methods or services that could better fit your specific needs.